Push/Pull Method for Preloading 2-TS Spindles: Why Preload?

Author: Kam Wire E.D.M. Technologies Inc. and Kam-Medical | | Categories: 3D Machining Capabilities , Engineering/Part Inspection , General Machining , Medical Fixtures and Components , Part Certification

An accurate, mounted preload setting can be achieved for bearings in a 2-TS spindle to meet speed, stiffness, and accuracy requirements that will promote high-quality surfaces finishes for machined parts.

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Original Article Source Credits:  American Machinist , https://www.americanmachinist.com/

Article Written By:  Eric Faust

Original Article Posted on:  FEB 18, 2021

Link to Original Article:  https://www.americanmachinist.com/machining-cutting/media-gallery/21155499/pushpull-method-for-preloading-2ts-spindles-why-preload-the-timken-co