3D Print Stringing: 5 Easy Ways to Prevent It

Author: Kam Wire E.D.M. Technologies Inc. and Kam-Medical | | Categories: 3D Machining Capabilities , 3D Programming , cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices and Procedures) , CNC Machining , Engineering/Part Inspection , Fabrication , General Machining , White Light Scanning , Wire EDM Cutting

As an FDM printer nozzle travels across an open space to get to the next point, it may sometimes ooze melted plastic, which then solidifies and sticks to the printed parts. This is 3D printer stringing, and it leaves your 3D printed parts with thin strands of plastic that resemble cobwebs or strands of hair.

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Original Article Source Credits:   All3PD , https://all3dp.com/

Article Written By:   Brian Obudho

Original Article Posted on:  Jan 25, 2020

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